Vértice is qualified by CVM (Brazilian SEC) to render auditing services to public companies.​

Vértice's auditing services meet the needs of clients from a wide variety of areas, and cover the following topics:


  • Audit of financial statements, including an auditor's report or other kind of reports (special review, agreed-upon procedures etc).

  • Appraisal report.

  • Audit of internal processes and controls.

  • Support for national and foreign internal auditors.

  • Audit of events and projects eligible for tax incentives from the Ministry for Culture.

  • Audit of building service charge accounts.

  • Audit of cultural and sporting events and projects sponsored by private companies.

  • Fraud auditing.


  • To meet the requirements of investors, administrators and different regulatory agencies and institutions.

  • To serve as a basis for shareholding restructuring processes.

  • To assess and improve the efficiency of internal controls against parameters previously established by the company's management and in accordance with best market practice.

  • To assist in adapting their work program to the company's local characteristics and in performing the tasks themselves.

  • To assess the suitability and correct application of government resources.

  • To analyze and check the use of moneys received from monthly building service charges.

  • To assess the suitability and correct application of government resources.

  • To measure the extent and reach of fraud as well as identifying and correcting the flaws in the controls that allowed it to happen.

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